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Faspro is a leader in small component metal fabrication

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About Us

Faspro Technologies core capabilities were developed to support the growing demand within electronic device manufacturing for thin gauge metal prototypes and short runs in compressed cycle times. Board level EMI/RF shields, wireless antenna, electrical contacts and clips are typical examples of components we manufacture. Combining the skills and knowledge of more than 60 years of mechanical engineering experience, and the flexible resources of our manufacturing processes, Faspro Technologies is ready to use its unique ability to serve your project requirements.

Faspro Technologies can support your Mobile electronics prototype needs

Faspro is a leader in Mobile electronics components

Leading Mobile electronics manufacturers rely on Faspro Technologies for their prototype needs

Our History

Faspro Technologies started business in 1995 as a contract provider for photo etching/milling thin gauge metal blanks for prototyping EMI/RF board level shields for Motorola’s development in the nascent mobile telephony space as well as supporting Motorola’s needs in base station and public safety radio communications products. From a local need, Faspro expanded into other industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial, computers, and peripherals where compressed cycle times for board level components were in demand. Faspro’s photo etching/milling and electroplating operations are provided in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility centrally located in suburban Chicago that takes your project from concept to production within days.

Faspro Technologies is an industry leader photoetching supplier

Removing blanks after photoetching process

Telecom component made using laser cutting of blanks

Faspro’s customers were instrumental in supporting Faspro Technologies growth organically from only thin gauge sheet metal blank development to complete forming of these critical components in highly compressed cycle times. With the goals of reducing lead times, improving product quality and controlling costs, Faspro Technologies has risen to be an industry leader and the choice of manufacturing and design engineers around the world. Operating with standard leadtimes of 3 to 5 days Faspro Technologies unique speed and accuracy is your competitive advantage.

Faspro Technologies is a leader in thin gage metal forming for telecom, medical, electronics and industrial products

Formed sheetmetal prototyping in thin gage metal by Faspro Technologies

Faspro Technologies can form medium gage sheet metal for your prototype development project

In 2009 Faspro Technologies added light to medium assembly services to its capabilities as a turnkey operation for its customers that now includes component sourcing, logistics, inventory management, custom part manufacturing, assembly, custom kitting and packaging needs all in a one stop shop environment.

Faspro Technologies is a leader in electrical circuitry prototype development

Faspro Technologies can develop complex electrical assemblies for your prototype project

Faspro Technologies can source components and assemble our products to reduce prototype cycle time