Spring Contacts

Faspro Technologies can develop difficult geometry to make your spring design a successSpring contacts (sometimes called shield fingers, grounding springs or universal ground contacts) are used in virtually every small printed circuit board application.

A spring contact can be described as a single contact, surface mountable, internal connector. They feature an electrical connection and protection from EMI noise and static between a PCB and other electronic components, for example a secondary PCB, internal antenna, microphone or speaker.

Key features and applications of spring contacts include:

  • Designed for conductivity and grounding between an internal component and a PCB
  • Delivers shielding from noise and vibration from motors, internal antennas, speakers and microphones
  • Used as an interconnect for placing components between primary and secondary PCBs
  • Available in a large range of effective heights to ensure efficient contact and EMI protection
  • Normally take minimal space on a PCB
  • Allows for normal soldering and pick-and-place installation with typical machines and tools

Spring Contacts should be designed to work with PCBs as grounding or shielding contacts in addition to general electrical connection between secondary PCBs or other electrical components. When designed properly, spring contacts provide sound connection and electrical conductivity as well as EMI protection for sensitive components and are often used as an RFI shielding connection for metal boxes or other cabinet enclosures. The spring contact design ensures positive connection between mating surfaces, and works in conjunction with both wiping and sliding action.

Many general designs are available including simple C-shaped and Box-shaped connectors, to Low profile connectors to address tight fit applications. Pre-loaded spring contacts provide consistent force applied over the working range of the spring contact with minimal deflection.

Spring Contacts are generally used in the design of motion control units, mobile power units, environmental monitoring equipment, broadcast & communications equipment, and industrial process control equipment.

Faspro Technologies can design a custom spring contact solution or select from our broad database of spring contacts in varying styles and sizes depending on your application.

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