Spring Contacts

A spring contact is any part that is used to connect, or keep distance between, two separate parts. These parts can be used to transfer current between the power source and the load on a circuit board. There are a wide variety of applications for such parts, including: battery contacts, circuit board contacts, spacers, smart phones, medical monitoring equipment, and any other device that uses a battery.

Faspro Technologies is an expert in very small stamping in the manufacture of world class springs

Faspro Technologies is a world class spring manufacturer for small devices and other hardware

Faspro Technologies can develop difficult geometry to make your spring design a success

Faspro Technologies specializes in creating custom contacts that supports the ever-evolving needs of all industries that include electronics. Our unique capabilities allow us to be highly adaptable to whatever unusual designs that could be specified. Along with forming and plating capabilities, Faspro Technologies is able to assemble complex contact assemblies. Our packaging options include Tape & Reel for Pick and Place automation.

Manufacturing Capabilities Prototype
Short-Run (up to 100,000 parts EAU)
Industries Served Telecom
Applications Spacers
Circuit Board Contacts
Battery Contacts
Smart Phones
Portable Devices
Medical Devices
Any device with a battery
Production Method Photo Etching
Kick Press
Punch Press
Progressive Die
Materials Beryllium Copper
Phosphor Bronze
Nickel Silver
Stainless Steel
Secondary Process Options Coining
Heat Treating
Heat Staking
Plating Options Tin

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