Miniature Radios could make the Internet of Things a Reality

Internet of ThingsA group of specialists from Stanford and UofC, Berkeley, have created a ground breaking prototype radio-on-a-chip communications device which is powered by existing radio waves. The unit includes receiving and sending antennae and a cpu, and is completely self-contained and tiny. These ant-sized gadgets are extremely economical, require no batteries to run and might provide the Internet of Things a significant jump start.

The wireless microchip was created to tackle the expanding interest in smart devices and their remote control through incorporating wireless communication, built-in logic control, and remote sensing. These extremely small radio devices can receive, process and then broadcast data and experts believe their miniature chips could functions as the key piece in connecting a vast array of devices to the internet and could ultimately make the Internet of Things viable.

From a technical perspective, the new device is a self-contained transceiver module which has a built in cpu intended to decipher and complete instructions, but it’s beauty comes in that it’s powered entirely from energy extracted from ambient radio waves. In showcasing it’s low energy usage, researchers state that a AAA battery – if it were connected – would keep the unit operating for more than 100 years.

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