Metal Forming and Drawing

Faspro is a leader in Forming complex shapes for EMI shieldingNew product development for industry-leading electronic device manufacturers involves balancing the competing interests of design, schedule and cost. Most OEM device manufacturers rely on custom metal fabrication to ensure effective product design, improved efficiency, and maximum profitability. Sometimes the right partner can make the difference in launching a new product that meets or exceeds expectations.

As your source for custom metal fabrication, Faspro Technologies brings expertise in forming and drawing of thin gauge metal parts to support prototype and pre-production manufacturing. Providing quick turnaround and cost effective processes that result in high-quality product allow the OEM to properly evaluate new products and make changes before committing to expensive and long lead production tooling.

Faspro Technologies is a leader in integrated antenna manufacturing for your mobile application

Faspro can support deep draw forming for EMI shielding components

Formed sheetmetal EMI shielding is a leading component of Faspro Technologies prototype and production business

We’re a leader in quick turnaround, thin gauge metal fabrication for prototype or short-run production but it’s our high quality standards that make the difference. Other benefits of partnering with Faspro Technologies include:

Expansive list of available metals

  • sheet stock including stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, nickel and aluminum

Quality Control that meets OEM expectations

  • our entire operation, from etching to drawing and forming is ISO 9001:2008 certified

In-house design and engineering

  • help with design for manufacturability and ensure your product gets fabricated faster
  • product and tooling engineers are knowledgeable in manufacturing processes

Custom tooling and product development

  • we can build custom tooling and components to make your design a reality

For more information on how Faspro Technologies can help with your metal forming and drawing needs, please Contact Us or fill in the form below.

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  • Thank you so much for the information on how metal fabrication works. I like how the article explains so simply each process. Each process is different for each product though. The process is highly specific because each product needs a certain strength, weight, and color, etc.

    • Thanks Ted. Yes, any process is simple in general and can be very complicated as you examine details.

      We appreciate your input.

  • I agree that a good metal stamping supplier will give you detailed information about their services and capabilities. This means that they are confident with their product and the processes they use to make the product. If they don’t provide detailed information, then I would be hesitant to hire them.

  • I noticed that you do quality control after products are made, and I think that is great. However, do you also do quality control on the metal you use before you put it through the fabrication process? If so, could you explain the process?

    • When the program requires traceable material we order stock with full certification of compliance. In other cases, the mill includes applicable specs.

  • I truly appreciate this article.Much thanks again.

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