MD&M West and Expo Manufactura 2014

Faspro_MDM-West-2014We had a good experience at MD&M West this year. The convention lasted 3 days and we had a lot of prospects stop by our booth. Everyone was interested in our wide range of capabilities in cutting and forming sheet metal. The show itself had over 2,000 exhibitors and over 30,000 attendees. We are anticipating a lot of job opportunities for Faspro Technologies over the next year due to this convention, many of them involving our laser capabilities.

Highlights from this convention include the new Speed Networking event. It’s like speed dating, but with other businesses. This year, only attendees were invited to participate in the event. We are hoping that exhibitors will be included next year. Another highlight of this year’s event were the Solidworks and AutoCAD booths, ironically placed next to each other. Solidworks is continuing to expand its capabilities to include more complex simulations and abilities that will soon make designing and displaying even the most complicated system very easy. Meanwhile, AutoCAD has improved its 3D modeling software to rival Solidworks. An amusing part of this convention was seeing speakers from both companies doing presentations at the same time while trying to outshout each other.

Our next convention will be an international one. We are going to Monterrey in Mexico on March 4-6 for the Expo Manufactura as part of the Illinois pavilion. We’re even bringing our own translator along, one of our production managers. This will be our first time exhibiting at a convention outside the US. We’re hoping to attract higher level contract manufacturers to our business. So catch us in a month in Mexico!

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