Is Manufacturing Important to America?

Yes, of course it is important.

America has gone off the rails in understanding the importance of manufacturing to our economy. I blame the “anointed ones” for this. You know, those freshly minted MBA types who think they have it all figured out, but never spent a day in their life on the floor of a manufacturing plant.

It’s really easy for the executive in the corner office to look to Asia as the answer to all their woes regarding cost and competitiveness. And that’s exactly what they did – take the easy road.

The road that should be taken, and the road that we here at Faspro Technlogies is on – is much more challenging. But the long term benefits are well worth the effort. Manufacturing companies of all sizes and across all industries need to look at their operations completely differently. They need to be asking the questions like – how can I get more productivity out of my team? How can my processes achieve higher efficiency? Where am I losing money due to scrap, waste and other reasons? How can I better motivate and incentivize my people to keep the profit sucking union leadership out of my operations? How do I change the culture in my company to one that embraces change and change for achieving global competitive standing is the norm?

Faspro is a U.S based manufacturer of precision metal stampings

Honestly, the problem lies in management and culture. We need manufacturing because as a country – to sustain a healthy middle class – we have to make stuff. We can’t just consume stuff, flip burgers and push boxes at Walmart. Meaningful job creation will come from primarily two areas – manufacturing and technology.

Authored by:
Scott Smith
VP of Sales & Marketing
Faspro Technologies, Inc.

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