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Where there is electronics, there is Faspro Technologies. We provide precision thin gauge metal prototyping and short run manufacturing services for both board level and component level needs.


You’ll find our custom manufactured products in basic mobile phones to the latest smartphone devices. Typical components we manufacture in this industry include EMI/RF board level shields, wireless antennas, and electronic contacts. Not only do we make the parts, we also provide light assembly for R&D and short run needs of our customers that includes heat staking, manual assembly, sonic welding, die cutting and assembly of gaskets and custom kitting such as tape and reel packaging. One of the newest areas of mobile/wireless technologies is in wearable products such as exercise monitoring devices and Google Glass ™. Extremely small parts in thin gauge metal are one of the many services we excel in.

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Faspro Technologies provides electrical components for Telecom and infrastructure markets

Faspro Technologies specializes in thin gage metal etching for mobile telecom and other industries

M2M (Machine to Machine)

Machine to machine wireless communications is a growing sector where some of the latest innovations in the wireless field is taking place. Along with custom EMI/RF board level shields for this sector we also manufacture custom clips, antennas and numerous other components. Transportation, trucking, rail and fleet management are areas where products and demand are growing at a rapid pace. In factory inventory tracking, work in process and process monitoring are also examples of M2M technologies.

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Faspro Technologies is a leader in thin gauge metal stamping for M2M Machine to Machine market

Faspro Technologies electrical stamping turn around reduces prototype development cycle time

Faspro Technologies is a leader in thin gauge formed metal for the M2M Machine to Machine market


The industrial sector often has needs for light to medium duty electromechanical assembly services that may include component sourcing, logistics, inventory management, aftermarket services, parts depot and assembly. As a turnkey operation we provide all these needs for our customers.

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Faspro Technologies divisions are highly vertical and fully integrated allowing us to supply industrial market OEMs and tier 1 suppliers

Faspro Technologies can bring your complete industrial product assembly through prototype and short run production


Medical devices in the operating room, in the intensive care area, in the emergency room, in your hospital room, in hospice care, in assisted living care and at home, the demand for wireless communications for patient diagnostics, treatment and monitoring is growing fast. As an expert in the field of manufacturing EMI/RF shields and other board level components, we are a proven and reliable source when the communication can’t fail.

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Faspro Technologies is a leader in EMI shielding for prototype and short run production

Faspro Technologies EMI shielding capabilities include high tolerance laser cut and stamped metal shields

Faspro Technologies can developed stamped EMI shielding for your electrical components

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Cell site board level electronics, routers, switches, hardware firewalls and much more. Without the infrastructure, nothing happens. This is typically the unseen, unappreciated nuts and bolts of the wireless and landline communications industry. It’s what gets put to the test in any natural disaster and when someone dials 911. We provide some of the critical components that makes it work reliably.

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Faspro Technologies EMI shielding for small electrical assemblies to help meet tough requirements

Thin gauge sheetmetal stampings, laser cut blanks and photo etched blanks are Faspro Technologies specialty

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