Faspro’s Upgrades in 2014

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In the last blog post of 2013, we laid out what future exhibitions Faspro will be attending and what we plan to focus on over the next year. In the first blog post of 2014, we will showcase the new upgrades, equipment and improvements that Faspro will have this year. Our management has implemented a massive reinvestment strategy involving the purchase of new equipment.

LC-C1 NT Punch and Laser ComboThe first piece of new equipment we purchased is an Amada LC-C1 NT Turret Punch and Laser Combo. This machine allows us to cut any materials up to ¼ inch thick. The turret portion can cut intricate openings in the parts while the laser cuts the perimeter and allows for unusual part designs as it isn’t limited to the tooling available for the turret. The turret portion also allows for minor forming operations including bending drawing and shear forming. This way, less time and operations are spent in creating a new part. This machine will drastically improve our lead times, as well as increase the amount of materials we can use and parts we can make.

HD 1003 ATCThe next piece of hardware Faspro purchased is an Amada HD 10003 ATC Brake Press. This is a 110 ton press with an impressive bending length of 120.47 inches and an open height of 24.4 inches, with a stroke of 7.9 inches. This machine is servo hydraulic and comes with an automatic tool changer with a capacity of 33 tools. This brake press’ capacity allows us to form parts with a multitude of complex bends completely in a few minutes at most. This machine drastically decreases our set-up and forming times so that we can ship out orders even faster than before.

Series4_pemserterThe last piece of equipment we purchased is a Series 4 Pemserter. This press allows us to insert PEM studs, nuts and bolts into our parts in a very quick fashion. This machine allows us to shorten our assembly process time.

With these 3 new machines, Faspro Technologies expands its capabilities to encompass laser turret cutting, the forming of thicker gauge sheet metal, and sheet metal insertions. This year, Faspro is insourcing most of the sheet metal cutting, forming and assembly process to both decrease our lead times and to greater control the quality of the parts we make.

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