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2014-12-04_2239This post summarizes an article about Faspro Technologies in The Fabricator digital magazine’s October edition. Here is the link if you would like to read the article in its entirety: http://www.thefabricator-digital.com/thefabricator/201410?pg=220#pg218

Faspro Technologies was established to meet the needs of the telecom industry which required quick turnaround prototype and short run production parts without spending all their time waiting for delivery. Most production suppliers then, as is the case today couldn’t easily stop production, change tooling and make short runs without disrupting their operation.

Before long, Faspro Technologies was involved in photochemical etching, a process relied on to make the parts contained in most industrial devices and practically all consumer cellphones.  Photochemical etching is the key process in producing blanks for board level components and is also known as photochemical milling. It can precisely shape parts from sheet metal ranging in thickness from .001″ to .063″ and allowing the parts to be further processed on machines that bend and form the sheet metal into brackets, boxes or shields used to contain or protect sensitive electronic components.

As Faspro solidifies our position as a leader in the development of quick turnaround thin-gauge sheet metal parts for electronics and telecom industries, we’ve identified the next segment of the prototype process that needs attention. We are steadily moving toward bringing our proven business model to the manufacture of rails, racks, and enclosures that normally contain our thin sheet metal parts. By expanding our quick turnaround capabilities and providing more of our customer’s prototype products we can dramatically reduce the time needed to get a new product to market.

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