EMI and Medical Devices


Faspro provides emi shields as complex fabricated metal componentsElectromagnetic interference (EMI) can affect a hospital’s electronic equipment when an emitting device is powerful enough and close enough to cause partial or complete failure of the equipment or its sub systems. When a transmitting device gets closer to susceptible electronic equipment, the chance of interference grows. Likewise, as the power of an RF transmitter increases, interference is more likely to occur. Of course, failure of critical electronic medical equipment can be life threatening and should be prevented whenever possible.

EMI in Hospitals

Numerous hospital administrators when considering reports of EMI from mobile phones and hand-held wireless devices, have indicated concerns about integrating low power wireless technologies, including cordless phones, LAN-based phones, and other LAN-based wireless systems. A growing number of these systems operate at or below 100 mW, and operate at a frequency of 900 MHz and above. As a comparison, standard mobile phones usually operate at 600 mW or higher, and hand-held transceivers normally operate at powers up to several watts.
To help alleviate concerns on the part of hospital administrators about using low powered wireless devices which provide substantial advantage in diagnosis and treatment of patients, government agencies have released regulations on the EMI such devices are permitted to radiate. Likewise, regulations also dictate the level of EMI electronic equipment must sustain without affecting its operation.

Shielding Solutions

For years, large-sized electronic equipment used in medical applications have used Faraday cages, or metal enclosures, to contain EMI-emitting devices and keep them from affecting other components. Metal enclosures are established solutions for EMI shielding and with recent innovations in the design and fabrication of thin gauge sheet metal for EMI shielding, such enclosures are now easily adapted to smaller packages including hand-held and other small-size wireless devices.

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