Case Study 3

This was an extremely complex combination prototyping project for one of our customers in the mobile space. The project consisted of three separate parts, two of which are assembled and seen in the image below. It consisted of a complete board shield (creating a shield barrier between two PCB assemblies) and a welded on contact strip on the bottom edge, also a component that we prototyped.

As can be seen by the images, the part consists of hole features, shallow draws in two directions and the overall shape being a shallow draw, creating the outside walls of the shield. Around each of the four mounting holes, the fit is such that the shape required hand forming after one of the draw processes to eliminate the inside corner radii and convert them to sharp corners.

The prototype tools for this project were designed and fabricated in 2.5 weeks. In order to further expedite the project, our customer sent an engineer to our facility for four days to work with us and make the critical decisions during the four design/build iterations. A second set of tooling was produced in 24 hours in hour shop once all the design issues were finalized. The initial requirement was for 3 assemblies.

Faspro’s contributions to this project included:

  • Design assistance and DFM input for both the prototype and production processes
  • Design/Build two sets of prototype forming tools to produce the numerous draws on the primary component and the contact clip
  • Hand modifications of the primary shield components to meet the design requirements
  • Hand crafted the prototypes using our internally developed processes and tools
  • Met the extremely tight delivery requirements to keep our customers overall project on schedule

Our customer said:
“I just received the samples and they look fantastic!”
“. . . Faspro are great about looking for solutions and working together.  They have helped me on many projects and parts that were not clean cut.”

-J.W. / Sr. Outsourcing Specialist
Faspro Technologies can turn around complex emi shielding in days
Faspro Technologies can fabricate formed emi shielding components in days
Material: Cold Rolled Steel, Pre-plated tin
Thickness: 0.20 mm
Approximate Blank Size: 130mm x 53mm
Tolerances: ± 0.13mm Linear/0.2mm Flatness
Process Number 1: Photomilling Blanks
Process Numbers 2-8: Forming
Process Number 9: Welding of contact strip
Process Number 10: Post Plating
Process Number 11: Box and Ship

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