Case Study 1

Our customer, a technology leader and innovator in the wireless sector required an extremely fast turnaround time on the initial quote and for manufacturing of the component shown in the images below. Our quoting team was contacted through email at 11:55 AM (local time) on a Wednesday afternoon requesting numbers to produce 150 prototype parts. The numbers were presented in a formal written quote to our customer at 1:33 PM (local time). Quote turnaround time of 1 hour and 38 minutes. The full order was produced and shipped to the west coast in four business days.

Our customer said:
“I wish all our vendors were as responsive as you! Thanks so much, you make me look efficient!”

-D.W. / Buyer
Faspro Technologies made 150 pieces of this part for our customer in 4 days
Faspro Technologies specializes in fast turn around thin gauge metal components
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Thickness: 0.25mm
Approximate Blank Size: 8.50mm x 16mm
Tolerances: ± 0.03mm Linear
Process Number 1: Photomilling Blanks
Process Numbers 2-3: Forming
Process Number 4: First Article Inspection
Process Number 5: Individual Tray Pack and Box

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