Case Studies

Faspro Technologies helps make product ideas become reality. We have a long history of helping our clients in the automotive, medical, telecom and industrial products sectors reduce lead times and improve time to market.

Case Study 1

Faspro Technologies specializes in fast turn around thin gauge metal components

  • Wireless product
  • Quoted in under 2 hours
  • Parts delivered in 4 days

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Case Study 2

Faspro developed the blank, formed and delivered 400 pieces of this part over a weekend

  • Re-prioritize on the fly
  • 400 parts in a weekend
  • 600 more parts in 2 days

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Case Study 3

Faspro Technologies can fabricate formed emi shielding components in days

  • Prototype thru Production
  • Design & Build Tooling
  • 2-1/2 week turnaround

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