Forming and Drawing

Prototype and short-run thin gauge metal forming involves a combination of machines and/or hand operations that are able to produce simple and complex forms to meet stringent requirements and tolerances. Prototype and short-run services uses these methods most often for experimental, prototypes, and pilot-lot production, especially when design changes are likely. Tooling costs for prototype forming is minimal when compared to production level progressive die tooling. Short-run metal forming has shorter lead times, so they are ideal for faster delivery of seasonal products and compressed cycle time development projects. Short-run forming is also useful for low-budget business situations when it is not feasible to invest a large amount of money into permanent tooling (typically progressive die processes).

Faspro is a leader in Forming complex shapes for EMI shielding
Formed sheetmetal EMI shielding is a leading component of Faspro Technologies prototype and production business

Deep or shallow drawn forming is another metal forming process that converts flat sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes. The drawn process can be used for a variety of metals including stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, nickel and aluminum. The thickness of the metal is a significant limiting factor for this process and should be discussed with Faspro during the design and/or quoting phase of the project. Faspro Technologies can use these materials to create shapes such as cylinders, rectangles, and squares. Shallow and deep drawn parts are produced with custom tooling consisting of a die and a punch to create the desired shape and depth of the draw. Depending on the depth of the draw, multiple operations may be required to achieve the desired outcome. A part is considered deep drawn whenever the length or depth of the shape exceeds one-half of the part’s diameter. The processes we utilize for drawn components are strictly for prototype and short-run needs. Production volume requires completely different processes and requires an engineering review and consultation with Faspro for consideration and to achieve optimized “design for manufacturability” (DFM).

Faspro can support deep draw forming for EMI shielding components
Faspro Technologies can form and draw shapes with complex contours
Faspro Technologies can draw and form shapes for use in many applications

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