Faspro offers four different plating lines. Depending on your production requirements, these can be combined to create multi-layer plating deposits.

Plating capabilities include barrel plating, rack plating as well as flat sheet (pre-forming) plating, which eliminates need for rack plating of difficult geometry parts. We also offer non-rack selective plating. Contact us for more information.

Electroplating Specifications:

Type Specification
100% Tin (Sn) ASTM B545 (MIL-T-10727) Bright or Matte
Sulfamate Nickel (Ni) QQ-N-290A (AMS 2403), Class 1 and 2
Gold (Au) ASTM B488 (MIL-G-45204), Grade C, Type I and II
Copper (Cu) AMS 2418F (MIL-C-14550 B)

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