Board Level Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding used in a mobile phoneIn the fast changing world of mobile devices, the increased complexity of additional features and functionality has resulted in thinner devices with additional antennas and faster data exchange rates all operating at higher frequencies.

For device manufacturers, electro magnetic shielding including board level shielding is critical to proper operation of the product and in many cases is required to meet standards set by the FCC. EMI shielded boxes or RF shielded enclosures are designed as part of the shielding systems used to prevent the internal components from interfering with other components in the same device or components in devices within close proximity. Certain industries like Medical and Automotive need to prevent electro magnetic interference from affecting the operation of their product, as failure could result in injury or death.

In some cases, EMC enclosures may be designed to work in conjunction with simple EMI gaskets that help increase the performance of the traditional RF sheilding used in previous generation product. At Faspro Technologies we understand the proper choice of RF gasket material is critical to overall system function and is included in our initial system requirements spec.

Shielding solutions from Faspro Technologies include stamped single or multiple piece metal shielded enclosures designed to help isolate the board level components and reduce crosstalk caused by channel spacing and pulse spacing without impacting system speed. Our process of RF shield design includes addressing necessary standards mandated by the FCC and other bodies, to ensure our clients’ products are fully compliant with current rules and regulations. When the design is complete, Faspro Technologies can develop the prototype through use of rapid and advanced manufacturing processes and can take the product through short run production.

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