Battery Contacts

battery_contactBattery contacts are used in electronic devices as part of their internal circuitry to direct electrical current from the battery to internal components. Battery contacts are usually designed as two pieces of electrically conductive metal which allow electrical current to flow when the circuit is closed, and / or can insulate when the circuit is open. The battery contact material is often beryllium copper.

Low cost cell phone battery contacts and other low cost devices use a simple stamped design where the battery contact material is formed with a single bend to minimize cost. This type of contact is normally used when the battery is contained in the device and not removed – or not removed very often. Excessive movement or removing of the battery will have a tendency to stress and yield this type of contact.

Spring loaded battery contacts are more complex to design and manufacture but provide more consistent contact with the battery and have a longer life. Faspro Technologies is expert in the design and manufacture of long life spring battery contacts. Faspro can also design and build spacers which prevent a circuit to close by maintaining a gap between components or their circuitry. The insulating gap must use a medium of air, vacuum, oil or other electrically insulating fluid to prevent the circuit from closing.

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