Amada LC-C1 Laser / Turret Combo

C1 laser turret press combo courtesy Amada America IncAs we work toward the end of another successful year at Faspro Technologies, we want to thank our customers for the business they provide and help new potential customers learn more about our capabilities.

One thing we’ve identified as a great benefit this year is our Amada LC-C1 2012 Laser /Turret Punch Combination machine. This piece of equipment allows us to help customers with parts that have complex profiles and die-formed shapes. Although we haven’t discussed its capabilities often, the Amada LC-C1 may be our most versatile asset.

Most of our customer parts that are processed on the Amada Combo machined are thin-walled metal less than 3.0 mm thick, the 2.5 kilowatts CO2 laser is capable of cutting thicknesses up to 20mm mild steel, 12mm stainless steel and aluminum, 6mm copper and 6mm brass with surface quality that rivals that of a punch press or peck piercing.

To ensure accurate cutting from the laser, it is isolated from the 22-ton servo drive turret punch press. The punch press can operate at up to 370 hits per minute and because it doesn’t affect the laser we can use both the laser and turret punch press at the same time. Having this piece of equipment in our facility allows us to quickly cut, form and trim customer parts in a continuous process to meet those jobs requiring quality and accuracy on a tight schedule.

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