Designing for Minimal EMI

Designers of today’s smartphones, tablets and PCs are constantly balancing the constraints of small space to package components and increasing noise sensitivity. The difficulty in designing these products is compounded when trying to get the most from low level signals like those used to power an antenna while still protecting against incoming noise and noise emissions by meeting the strict requirements of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) regulations.
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Protecting Medical Devices from Electromagnetic Interference – EMI

Medical devices are quickly adopting the same technology advances that have been proven in consumer electronics, and benefits including compact design and wireless data transfer are making these devices valuable to medical staff. However, technical issues such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) may be bothersome in the world of consumer products but can be life-threatening when they affect medical devices.
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MD&M West and Expo Manufactura 2014

Faspro_MDM-West-2014We had a good experience at MD&M West this year. The convention lasted 3 days and we had a lot of prospects stop by our booth. Everyone was interested in our wide range of capabilities in cutting and forming sheet metal. The show itself had over 2,000 exhibitors and over 30,000 attendees. We are anticipating a lot of job opportunities for Faspro Technologies over the next year due to this convention, many of them involving our laser capabilities.
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Faspro’s Upgrades in 2014

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In the last blog post of 2013, we laid out what future exhibitions Faspro will be attending and what we plan to focus on over the next year. In the first blog post of 2014, we will showcase the new upgrades, equipment and improvements that Faspro will have this year. Our management has implemented a massive reinvestment strategy involving the purchase of new equipment.
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Visit Faspro Technologies at MDM West

Come see Faspro Technologies at Booth 471 in Hall E at the MDM WEST show this week. We will have sample parts on display and are ready to answer all your questions about EMI shielding and custom metal fabrication.

Faspro Technologies will answer any question you have because we believe educated customers make better decisions.
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Battery Contacts

battery_contactBattery contacts are used in electronic devices as part of their internal circuitry to direct electrical current from the battery to internal components. Battery contacts are usually designed as two pieces of electrically conductive metal which allow electrical current to flow when the circuit is closed, and / or can insulate when the circuit is open. The battery contact material is often beryllium copper.
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Board Level Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding used in a mobile phoneIn the fast changing world of mobile devices, the increased complexity of additional features and functionality has resulted in thinner devices with additional antennas and faster data exchange rates all operating at higher frequencies.

For device manufacturers, electro magnetic shielding including board level shielding is critical to proper operation of the product and in many cases is required to meet standards set by the FCC. EMI shielded boxes or RF shielded enclosures are designed as part of the shielding systems used to prevent the internal components from interfering with other components in the same device or components in devices within close proximity. Certain industries like Medical and Automotive need to prevent electro magnetic interference from affecting the operation of their product, as failure could result in injury or death.
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Custom Metal Fabrication

Pre-processing of sheet metal for photo-chemical millingFaspro Technologies is a leader in custom metal fabrication, a value added process that involves the construction of products from various raw material including sheet stock. For us, custom metal fabrication means we build to your engineering drawings or fully develop the product on your behalf. Specialties like sheet metal fabrication using various methods including chemical etching can reduce time to market and improve product quality.
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Internal Antennas for Electronic Devices

Faspro Technologies is a leader in design and manufacture of internal antennas for use in electronic handheld devicesInternal antennas found in electronic devices like cell phones have limitations due to limited space within the device and the federal electromagnetic radiation exposure requirements; that dictate the amount of electromagnetic radiation users of the device can be exposed to. Factors affecting how well an internal antenna perform are the power of the transmitter and how well the electromagnetic radiation are shielded. Of course, antenna designs that incorporate effective RF and EMI shielding can increase effective power and stay within the federal requirements.
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Photochemical Etching

Faspro Technologies is a leader in photoetching technology and our staff has decades of experiencePhotochemical Etching or Photochemical Milling / Machining is a high quality, fast turn-around, economical way of manufacturing precision fabricated metal parts such as screens, shields, grids, washers and gaskets, RFI/EMI Shielding, Spring Contacts, and other precision metal fabricated parts. Photochemical etching can be used for components in electronic, medical, aerospace, small appliance, semi-conductor and consumer product industries.
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